This was

Welcome to what once was, What used to be one of the most heavily used steven universe streaming sites to exist, at least from what I could see, the site was running for years before it exploded into popularity by google indexing it. I originally made the site to give open access to the show that changed my life to anyone in the world, without any censorship. This kept going, and eventually a discord got created. After meeting somebody else on the server, warner got involved in trying to eradicate the site, which they tried and failed to do multiple times. Eventually said person, being a person by the shorthand name Pink got more and more involved in the site, and after warner sent another notice, I became uncomfortable with running the site due to liability and shut it down. Pink had done the site redesign, but he had his own issues, which is why I left everyone behind after he took the sites userbase and made a new server, then refused to hand it to me, the actual owner of the server. I then left everything behind in an effort to get him out of my life, and eventually the site faded into this. Thank you everyone who loved this site for always being there, and to everyone who supported me during running it.

To everyone who always supported me, thanks, I'll never forget you

Blue Pearl, Signing off