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Season One

0. Pilot

Upon returning from an intergalactic mission, the Crystal Gems-Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl-have brought a mysterious magical hourglass. Steven Universe, the youngest member of the Crystal Gems, gets his hands on the device and discovers that it has the ability to let him travel back in time in order to make snappy comebacks. However, his actions soon bring about a deadly adversary, with everyone's lives dependent on Steven being able to make a worthwhile comeback.

1. "Gem Glow"

Steven becomes depressed when his favorite ice-cream sandwich brand, Cookie Cat, gets taken off the market. He soon cheers up upon discovering that the Gems managed to get a hold of some of the last remaining Cookie Cats, which he believes may hold the key to activating his gem.

2. "Laser Light Cannon"

When a menacing red eye is about to hit Beach City, the only thing that can destroy it is a Laser Light Cannon which once belonged to Steven's mother, Rose Quartz. Thus, Steven enlists the help of his father, Greg, and they search through his storage for the cannon.

3. "Cheeseburger Backpack"

The Crystal Gems go on a mission to place a Moon Goddess statue on top of the ruined Lunar Sea Spire, and Steven tries to prove he can be useful with the help of his new novelty Cheeseburger Backpack.

4. "Together Breakfast"

Steven's attempt to get the Gems to share his special breakfast tradition lands him on a journey through their ancient Gem temple.

5. "Frybo"

Steven brings a mascot costume to life with a magical gem shard in order help his friend Peedee, but it backfires when the mascot goes rogue.

6. "Cat Fingers"

Steven tries to master his shapeshifting abilities with Amethyst, but turns his fingers into cats, making it harder to do things.

7. "Bubble Buddies"

Steven forms a magic bubble around himself and a girl named Connie to save her from a falling rock, but he has no idea how to make it disappear.

8. "Serious Steven"

While navigating out of an ancient Gem maze, Steven tries to prove himself to the Gems by being serious.

9. "Tiger Millionaire"

Steven joins an underground wrestling league with Amethyst, who's tired of Garnet and Pearl bringing her down.

10. "Steven's Lion"

Steven befriends a magical lion he finds in the desert during a mission.

11. "Arcade Mania"

Steven takes the Gems on his own kind of adventure by bringing them to the Funland Arcade, where Garnet becomes enchanted by a rhythm game.

12. "Giant Woman"

Steven encourages Amethyst and Pearl to fuse together into a four-armed "giant woman" named Opal (Aimee Mann). Amethyst and Pearl, however, keep on quarrelling.

13. "So Many Birthdays"

After learning that the Gems are thousands of years old, Steven decides to make up for all the birthdays they've missed.

14. "Lars and the Cool Kids"

Steven and Lars get to hang out with the cool kids (Jenny Pizza, Buck Dewey, and Sour Cream) in town, but their teenage shenanigans get them into magical trouble.

15. "Onion Trade"

A toy trade between Steven and Onion escalates into epic proportions.

16. "Steven the Sword Fighter"

Pearl's attempt to teach Steven the art of sword-fighting using a holographic version of herself goes awry when she gets injured and has to retreat into her gem to heal..

17. "Lion 2: The Movie"

Steven and Connie try to ride Lion to the movie theater, but Lion (unfortunately) has other plans.

18. "Beach Party"

After a battle damages the Fish Stew Pizza sign, the Gems are banned from the restaurant, so Steven throws a cookout on the beachside to mend the relationship between the Pizza family and the Gems.

19. "Rose's Room"

Steven's desire for some alone time unlocks a new room in the temple that answers his every wish.

20. "Coach Steven"

Against Pearl's wishes, Steven becomes determined to get stronger after watching Garnet and Amethyst fuse into the mighty Sugilite (Nicki Minaj).

21. "Joking Victim"

Steven works at the Big Donut when Lars leaves Sadie with all the work.

22. "Steven and the Stevens"

Steven needs a musical partner for an upcoming show, so he uses a time travel device to recruit himself as the perfect bandmate.

23. "Monster Buddies"

Steven attempts to tame a Gem monster's wild form when he accidentally releases it from its bubble.

24. "An Indirect Kiss"

Steven tells Connie about his mission with the Gems to heal Amethyst when she cracked her gem.

25. "Mirror Gem (Part 1)"

Steven befriends a magical mirror that can mysteriously communicate with him, and ends up freeing its trapped captive: Lapis Lazuli, another mysterious Gem.

26. "Ocean Gem (Part 2)"

Lapis Lazuli disappears after reigniting a past conflict with the three Crystal Gems and takes the ocean with her, leaving Beach City in a panic on the first day of summer. Steven, Connie, Greg, Lion and the Gems go on a mission to confront Lapis and set things right.

27. "House Guest"

Left homeless and with a broken leg after the events of the previous episode, Greg stays with Steven and the Gems as a temporary house guest and unintentionally interferes with Steven's healing powers.

28. "Space Race"

Steven, Pearl, and Greg visit the family barn and work together to build a spaceship so that Pearl can revisit the wonders of the cosmos, but Pearl gets a little carried away.

29. "Secret Team"

When they accidentally pop a bubble containing gem shards, Steven forms a secret team with Amethyst and Pearl to retrieve the shards before Garnet finds out. After doing so, Steven wants to keep the secret team.

30. "Island Adventure"

Steven tries to mend Lars' and Sadie's friendship by taking them on vacation to Mask Island.

31. "Keep Beach City Weird"

Steven is taken in by Ronaldo's conspiracy theories about the paranormal occurrences in Beach City.

32. "Fusion Cuisine"

Steven asks the Gems to fuse together into Alexandrite (Rita Rani Ahuja) and pretend to be his mother at a dinner with Connie's family.

33. "Garnet's Universe"

Steven interprets what Garnet did during the day when she returns from a mission.

34. "Watermelon Steven"

Steven grows a patch of watermelons shaped like himself, but they soon come to life and attack the people of Beach City and the Crystal Gems.

35. "Lion 3: Straight to Video"

Lion keeps lying on Steven's face while he's sleeping, leading to Steven discovering a pocket dimension in Lion's mane.

36. "Warp Tour"

Steven becomes uneasy after seeing an unknown object traversing through a warp stream, despite the Gems' attempts to disprove his claims. The four soon end up learning about Peridot, another Gem, in the process.

37. "Alone Together"

While practicing how to fuse with the Gems, Steven accidentally fuses with Connie, forming a Gem-human hybrid/human fusion named Stevonnie (AJ Michalka).

38. "The Test"

After finding the Moon Goddess Statue, Steven finds out that the Lunar Sea Spire mission from the third episode was a test, so he demands a new one.

39. "Future Vision"

Steven learns that Garnet can see into the future and becomes paranoid about the possible dangers around him.

40. "On the Run"

Steven and Amethyst try life out on the road, but Amethyst later reveals a dark secret about herself and the Gems to Steven.

41. "Horror Club"

Steven goes to the lighthouse to watch scary movies with Ronaldo, Lars, and Sadie.

42. "Winter Forecast"

Steven has to take Connie back to her home before a blizzard hits Beach City, and Garnet shows him some outcomes of this before they leave.

43. "Maximum Capacity"

While cleaning out Greg's storage unit, he and Amethyst are reunited with their favorite sitcom Li'l Butler.

44. "Marble Madness"

When several droids from space descend towards warp pad zones, Steven and the Gems attempt to find out their purpose.

45. "Rose's Scabbard"

Pearl takes Steven to a special place that belonged to Rose Quartz after Lion finds the scabbard for Rose's sword.

46. "Open Book"

When Connie is upset by the ending of her favorite book series, Steven takes her to Rose's room, where they remake the ending.

47. "Shirt Club"

Steven and Buck make T-shirts.

48. "Story for Steven"

Greg tells Steven the story of how he met Rose Quartz.

49. "The Message"

Steven and the Gems need Greg's help to retrieve a message from the Wailing Stone.

50. "Political Power"

After the Gems cause a power outage in Beach City, Steven helps Mayor Dewey control the situation.

51. "The Return (Part 1)"

Peridot arrives on Earth with her new escort and partner, Jasper.

52. "Jail Break (Part 2)"

Trapped on Peridot's ship, Steven attempts to rescue the Gems, including two mysterious Gems named Ruby and Sapphire, from the two Homeworld Gems' clutches.

Season Two

1. "Full Disclosure"

Steven tries to avoid Connie so he won't tell her about his ordeal with the Homeworld Gems from the previous episodes.

2. "Joy Ride"

Buck, Jenny and Sour Cream take Steven out on a late-night joyride to lift his spirits, until they end up discovering Peridot's escape pod.

3. "Say Uncle"

In this non-canon episode, Uncle Grandpa arrives to aid Steven in unlocking the power of his gem.

4. "Love Letters"

When Jamie the mailman falls in love with Garnet, Steven and Connie must help turn him down gently.

5. "Reformed"

Amethyst keeps trying to find a new form to regenerate into while she, Steven and Garnet chase after a Gem monster loose in the temple.

6. "Sworn to the Sword"

Connie, wanting to protect Steven, takes swordfighting lessons with Pearl.

7. "Rising Tides, Crashing Skies"

Ronaldo investigates the Crystal Gems in a web documentary for his "Keep Beach City Weird" blog.

8. "Keeping it Together"

While the Crystal Gems chase after Peridot in the Kindergarten, Steven and Garnet discover a dark secret while exploring its inner workings.

9. "We Need to Talk"

After witnessing Steven and Connie fuse again, Greg explains to them how he learned about fusion from his time with Rose Quartz, hoping to pull it off himself in order to grow closer to her.

10. "Chille Tid"

Garnet has Pearl and Amethyst stay with Steven, who is exhausted from searching for Malachite in the ocean with the Gems, for a slumber party. However, Steven discovers that he has the power of astral projection, and is rattled by recurring dreams of Lapis Lazuli.

11. "Cry for Help"

When TV broadcasts are disrupted by a video signal emitted by Peridot from the Gem communication tower, Garnet chooses to fuse with Pearl into Sardonyx (Alexia Khadime) to destroy it, which dismays Amethyst. As the tower keeps being fixed, however, Steven and Amethyst are shocked to discover who's really behind it.

12. "Keystone Motel"

While she accompanies Greg and Steven on a road trip to another state and a visit to a motel, Garnet's frustration with what Pearl did in the previous episode causes her to split into Ruby and Sapphire.

13. "Onion Friend"

During a visit to Onion's house, Amethyst rekindles her friendship with his mother, Vidalia, while Onion shows Steven around his room.

14. "Historical Friction"

Steven is asked by Jamie to participate in a play funded by Mayor Dewey about Beach City's founding, with Pearl stepping in to provide a more historically accurate script.

15. "Friend Ship"

After the recent events, Pearl wants to redeem herself by capturing Peridot, who then traps the Crystal Gems in an old abandoned Gem spaceship.

16. "Nightmare Hospital"

Steven and Connie sneak into a hospital to retrieve Rose's sword from Connie's mother.

17. "Sadie's Song"

Steven helps Sadie with an act for the annual Beach-a-Palooza.

18. "Catch and Release"

The Crystal Gems finally capture Peridot, but Steven suspects that she knows something and attempts to learn what it is, allowing her to live in his bathroom.

19. "When it Rains"

After Steven explains how rainstorms work to Peridot, she decides to tell him about her mission for locating an experimental creation called the Cluster.

20. "Back to the Barn"

At the barn, when Peridot and Pearl fight over who will lead the construction of a drill that will take the group to the Cluster's location, Steven suggests they build robots and compete with each other.

21. "Too Far"

Peridot gets carried away with Gem gossip and reveals something about Amethyst, unintentionally offending her.

22. "The Answer"

Garnet tells Steven the story of how Ruby and Sapphire first met, and how they joined the Crystal Gems.

23. "Steven's Birthday"

While celebrating his fourteenth birthday with the Gems, Greg, and Connie, Steven takes on a more adult form using his shapeshifting powers. However, this proves harmful to his human half.

24. "It Could've Been Great"

Steven and the Gems travel to an information archive on the Moon to discover the Cluster's exact location.

25. "Message Received"

Steven becomes devastated and doubtful in Peridot after she steals a communication device from the Moon Base, which she uses to contact her leader, Yellow Diamond (Patti LuPone).

26. "Log Date 7 15 2"

While Peridot is in turmoil over what she did in the previous episode, Steven listens to her audio diary and learns how she and Garnet learned to get along during their time at the barn, despite their radical differences.

Season 2 Shorts

1. "We Are the Crystal Gems"

Young Steven moves in with the three Crystal Gems, as the extended version of the title theme and second opening sequence shows.

2. "What Are Gems?"

Pearl teaches Steven about Gems, with some demonstrations from Garnet and Amethyst.

3. "How Are Gems Made?"

Amethyst tells Steven how Gems are made.

4. "Fusion"

Garnet takes over a dance studio to demonstrate to Steven how fusion works.

5. "Unboxing"

Steven creates a video where he receives and unboxes a new Hot Dog duffel bag from the Wacky Sack company.

6. "Lion Loves to Fit in a Box"

Lion unsuccessfully attempts to get into various boxes.

Season Three

1. "Super Watermelon Island" (Part 1)

Using his astral projection ability, Steven discovers that Malachite is terrorizing Steven's Watermelon army on Mask Island. With Steven and Peridot staying behind, Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl head into action to help the Watermelon Stevens fight Malachite as Alexandrite.

2. "Gem Drill" (Part 2)

While the other Gems are stranded on Mask Island, the Cluster starts showing signs of forming, forcing Steven and Peridot to use the drill alone in order to stop the Cluster and save Earth.

3. "Same Old World"

Lapis Lazuli has nowhere left to go after being freed from her fusion with Jasper, so Steven shows her around Earth to find her a new home.

4. "Barn Mates"

Steven helps Lapis and Peridot resolve their past conflict.

5. "Hit the Diamond"

A dispatch team of five Rubies sent by Yellow Diamond descend onto the barn supposedly in search of Peridot. Steven attempts to get rid of the Rubies by challenging them to a game of baseball: if the Rubies win, they can search the barn, but if the Gems win, the Rubies must leave Earth and never come back.

6. "Steven Floats"

Steven discovers his ability to float. However, after jumping too high, he becomes stuck in the sky and has a series of misadventures with the Gems in their attempts to get him back on the ground.

7. "Drop Beat Dad"

Marty returns to Beach City and aids his biological son Sour Cream in hosting a concert, much to the dismay of his stepdad, Yellowtail.

8. "Mr. Greg"

In this special musical episode, Steven visits Empire City with Greg and Pearl after Greg suddenly becomes extremely rich. However, Pearl is having trouble letting go of her past experiences with Greg.

9. "Too Short to Ride"

Steven, Amethyst and Peridot visit Funland for the day. However, when using Gem powers seems to be the only way they can have fun, Steven and Amethyst help Peridot discover her own Gem powers.

10. "The New Lars"

Steven uses his astral projection ability and accidentally ends up in Lars' body. Steven then attempts to improve Lars' life.

11. "Beach City Drift"

When Steven and Connie run into Kevin again, they fuse into Stevonnie to beat him in a car race in order to get revenge for his actions at the rave.

12. "Restaurant Wars"

When Steven accidentally re-ignites an old feud between restaurant owners Mr. Fryman and Kofi Pizza, it is up to himself, along with the restaurant owners' children, to try and stop the feud.

13. "Kiki's Pizza Delivery Service"

Kiki has been having nightmares due to being overworked at Fish Stew Pizza, so Steven helps by using his astral projection to go into Kiki's nightmares.

14. "Monster Reunion"

When Steven's healing powers suddenly return, he uses them to attempt to heal the Centipeetle. However, Gem corruption is a bit more complicated than Steven thought.

15. "Alone at Sea"

Steven, Greg and Lapis Lazuli go on a boat ride to help Lapis have some fun. However, it becomes apparent that they are being followed.

16. "Greg the Babysitter"

Greg tells Steven the story of the time he and Rose babysat Sour Cream for Vidalia.

17. "Gem Hunt"

Connie goes on her first mission with Steven and Pearl to the Great North to find a corrupted Gem monster.

18. "Crack the Whip"

Garnet and Pearl return to the Great North to look for Jasper, whilst Amethyst is in charge of Steven and Connie. The two continue their training, learn some battle techniques from Amethyst, and try to have a day of fun around Beach City.

19. "Steven vs. Amethyst"

Following the events of the previous episode, Amethyst's self-esteem has hit rock bottom. With Steven's rising power, Amethyst begins to suspect that she is now the weakest Gem on the team, so she and Steven agree to duel.

20. / 21. "Bismuth"

Bismuth (Uzo Aduba), one of the original Crystal Gems, is accidentally discovered by Steven inside of Lion's mane. Upon being released, she is welcomed back with open arms by Pearl and Garnet, and Amethyst (despite not meeting, nor being told about her) quickly warms up to her company. However, Steven soon notices that Bismuth's outlook of the rebellion is radically different from the other Gems' when she shows eagerness to re-ignite the Gem War with an unethical secret weapon.

22. "Beta"

Steven and Amethyst visit Lapis Lazuli and Peridot at the barn to see how they're doing. While showing them around the new barn, Amethyst is uninterested due to constantly thinking about losing to Jasper the last time they fought. So, to cheer her up, Peridot takes her and Steven to Jasper's birthplace – a heavily rushed and poorly made Kindergarten in the middle of a desert to see if Jasper has any flaws based upon her hole.

23. "Earthlings"

Steven, Amethyst and Peridot encounter Jasper at the Beta Kindergarten. To fight off her and a corrupted Gem monster, Steven and Amethyst fuse into Smoky Quartz (Natasha Lyonne) and Peridot attempts to use her metal powers.

24. "Back to the Moon"

The dispatch team of Rubies return to the barn still searching for Jasper. To try and get rid of them once again, Amethyst shapeshifts into Jasper. However, things get awry when the Rubies want her to contact Yellow Diamond at the Moon Base with Steven, Garnet and Pearl as her "prisoners".

25. "Bubbled"

After being sucked out of the Moon Base's airlock, Steven and the Rubies are stuck floating in the middle of space. To stay safe, Steven puts himself in a bubble and runs into one of the Rubies in the process.

Season 4 Shorts

1. "Cooking with Lion"

Steven and Lion host an educational online cooking show.

2. "Gem Karaoke"

Connie documents Steven and the Gems singing their hearts out to a prerecorded backing track.

3. "Steven Reacts"

Steven reacts live to a brand new episode of his favorite cartoon show.

4. "Video Chat"

Steven and Peridot introduce Lapis to a new way to communicate.

5. "Steven's Song Time"

Steven teaches you how to play a new song he wrote!

Season Four

1. "Kindergarten Kid"

Steven and Peridot attempt to catch an elusive corrupted Gem monster at the Beta Kindergarten.

2. "Know Your Fusion"

When Pearl and Garnet find out that Steven and Amethyst can fuse into Smoky Quartz, they fuse into Sardonyx to interview Smoky and see their skills.

3. "Buddy's Book"

When Steven and Connie visit the Public Library, Steven discovers an ancient journal by William Dewey's first mate Buddy, which chronicles his visits to various Gem locations.

4. "Mindful Education"

Steven and Connie continue their combat training, and practice fighting while fused. However, when overwhelming guilt from both Steven and Connie over past events gets in their way, Garnet helps them find inner peace.

5. "Future Boy Zoltron"

After accidentally breaking an old fortune telling machine at Funland, Steven decides to take its place and tell people's futures. While initially fun, he eventually meets a mysterious man who seems to only have depressing futures.

6. "Last One Out of Beach City"

Pearl offers to go with Steven and Amethyst to a rock show. While the two are initially skeptical of her, she decides to show them her "bad" side throughout the night whilst trying to impress a woman who looks similar to Rose.

7. "Onion Gang"

Onion brings Steven into the woods to introduce him to his friends and have a fun day.

8. / 9. "Gem Harvest"

When Steven visits Lapis and Peridot at the barn, they get an unexpected visit from Greg's cousin Andy (Dave Willis). To get to know his uncle and make him feel at home, Steven attempts to host a family dinner with Andy, Greg, and the Gems.

10. "Three Gems and a Baby"

Greg tells Steven about his first winter as a baby: when Steven was only a few months old, the Gems were still struggling with learning to understand that Rose Quartz had given up her form to allow Steven to be born and wasn't coming back.

11. "Steven's Dream"

Steven begins to have a strange dream that causes him to cry, which he quickly realizes is related to Pink Diamond. When he asks the gems to give him information about Pink Diamond, however, they refuse to give any, so Steven and Greg travel to Korea to find the truth themselves.

12. "Adventures in Light Distortion"

After Greg is abducted by Blue Diamond, Steven and the Gems rush off into space with the Rubies' ship to rescue him. Faster-than-light travel has unexpected effects on the Gems' bodies, and in Steven's haste, he puts himself and the Gems in danger.

13. "Gem Heist"

The Gems reach a space station that once belonged to Pink Diamond, and sneak in to rescue Greg, but in order to do so, they must play the roles they were made for, so as not to arouse suspicion.

14. "The Zoo"

Steven finds Greg in Pink Diamond's "Human Zoo", and tries to look for a way out. This proves easier said than done as the humans there are guided through a strictly scheduled and regimented life.

15. "That Will Be All"

While Blue Diamond and Yellow Diamond argue over their diverging ways of coping with Pink Diamond's death, Steven, Greg, and the Crystal Gems attempt to escape the space station before they are discovered.

16. "The New Crystal Gems"

Connie tells Steven the story of how she, Peridot, and Lapis attempted to take the Crystal Gems' places as the protectors of Beach City while he was in space.

17. "Storm In The Room"

Steven uses his room in the temple to create a simulated image of Rose Quartz in order to try to experience what it would be like to know his mother. He ends up confronting her with his troubled feelings about her complex legacy and her choice to create him.

18. "Rocknaldo"

Ronaldo decides to join the Crystal Gems. However, once Steven lets him join the team, Ronaldo's self-centered attitude begins to try Steven's patience.

19. "Tiger Philanthropist"

When Amethyst quits wrestling at the abandoned warehouse, Steven continues doing so himself as Tiger Philanthropist. However, Steven soon begins to doubt the point of wrestling when the audience doesn't take to his new persona.

20. "Room for Ruby"

"Navy", one of the Rubies who came to Earth to find Jasper, crashes on Earth and is welcomed in by Steven to be a Crystal Gem. However, Lapis Lazuli does not trust Navy's overly optimistic nature, knowing of her previous encounters with her.

21. "Lion 4: Alternate Ending"

Steven tries to search for secret messages Rose may have left him about his "magical destiny". Lion eventually leads him to a tape—but it's just an alternate version of the message from Rose he's already seen.

22. "Doug Out"

Steven and Connie join Connie's father on a stake out.

23. "The Good Lars"

Steven, Lars, and Sadie get invited to a party with the cool kids.

24. "Are You My Dad?"

People disappearing from Beach City, and Steven tries to solve the mystery.

25. "I Am My Mom"

Steven struggles to fix his mistakes.

Season Five

1. "Stuck Together"

Steven and Lars, stuck inside Topaz, try to look for a way to escape the Homeworld-bound ship. While bonding, their heartfelt conversation earns them Topaz's sympathy.

2. "The Trial"

Steven goes to court against Blue and Yellow Diamond to determine his (or rather Rose Quartz's) fate.

3. "Off Colors"

After escaping from the Diamonds, Steven and Lars encounter some "defective" gems who they quickly become friends with.

4. "Lars' Head"

Steven brings Lars back to life with his healing powers and discovers that Lars now shares powers similar to Lion.

5. "Dewey Wins"

Steven helps Mayor Dewey run a difficult campaign.

6. "Gemcation"

Greg and the Gems take Steven on vacation to help him relax.

7. "Raising the Barn"

Pumpkin goes missing.

8. "Back to the Kindergarten"

Steven, Amethyst and Peridot try to spruce up the Kindergarten.

9. "Sadie Killer"

Steven and the Cool Kids start a band, but they have trouble finding their sound.

10. "Kevin Party"

Kevin is throwing a party, and Steven is invited.

11. "Lars of the Stars"

Steven and Connie travel through Lion's mane so that they can rescue Lars. When they reach the other side, they discover that Lars and the Off Color gems have stolen a spaceship from Emerald (voiced by Jinkx Monsoon) and are now on the run from their pursuers.

12. "Jungle Moon"

After getting shot down, Stevonnie crash lands on a strange vegetative plant. With no contact to Lars and the Off Colors or any access to gem related technology, Stevonnie must fend for themself in the meantime.

13. "Your Mother and Mine"

Steven takes Garnet to meet his new friends.

14. "The Big Show"

Steven shoots a documentary that follows a local band as they get their first big break.

15. "Pool Hopping"

Steven and Garnet explore the most unlikely timelines in Beach City.

16. "Letter to Lars"

Steven writes letters to Lars about all the latest news in Beach City.

17. "Can't Go Back"

Ronaldo spots something mysterious on the moon, and Steven goes to investigate.

18. "A Single Pale Rose"

Steven helps Pearl find her phone.

19. "Now We're Only Falling Apart"

Pearl tells a story.

20. "What's Your Problem?"

Amethyst convinces Steven to take a day off for himself.

21. "The Question"

Steven shows some city slicker gems how the cowboys lived.

22. "Made of Honor"

Steven has a big surprise for the Crystal Gems.

23. / 24. "Reunited"

Steven brings everyone together for a special reunion.

25. "Legs From Here to Homeworld"

Steven travels to visit family.

26. "Familiar"

With many changes going on in his life, Steven tries to find his place in the world.

27. "Together Alone"

Steven throws a party to bring his family together.

28. "Escapism"

Steven uses his psychic powers to find help.

29. "Change Your Mind"

For their biggest mission ever, Steven, Connie, and the Crystal Gems attempt to change the way the Diamonds look at Steven and how Homeworld is run.

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