Season 2 episodes 1 - 10

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Season Two

1. "Full Disclosure"

Steven tries to avoid Connie so he won't tell her about his ordeal with the Homeworld Gems from the previous episodes.

2. "Joy Ride"

Buck, Jenny and Sour Cream take Steven out on a late-night joyride to lift his spirits, until they end up discovering Peridot's escape pod.

3. "Say Uncle"

In this non-canon episode, Uncle Grandpa arrives to aid Steven in unlocking the power of his gem.

4. "Love Letters"

When Jamie the mailman falls in love with Garnet, Steven and Connie must help turn him down gently.

5. "Reformed"

Amethyst keeps trying to find a new form to regenerate into while she, Steven and Garnet chase after a Gem monster loose in the temple.

6. "Sworn to the Sword"

Connie, wanting to protect Steven, takes swordfighting lessons with Pearl.

7. "Rising Tides, Crashing Skies"

Ronaldo investigates the Crystal Gems in a web documentary for his "Keep Beach City Weird" blog.

8. "Keeping it Together"

While the Crystal Gems chase after Peridot in the Kindergarten, Steven and Garnet discover a dark secret while exploring its inner workings.

9. "We Need to Talk"

After witnessing Steven and Connie fuse again, Greg explains to them how he learned about fusion from his time with Rose Quartz, hoping to pull it off himself in order to grow closer to her.

10. "Chille Tid"

Garnet has Pearl and Amethyst stay with Steven, who is exhausted from searching for Malachite in the ocean with the Gems, for a slumber party. However, Steven discovers that he has the power of astral projection, and is rattled by recurring dreams of Lapis Lazuli.