Season 3 Episodes 1 - 10

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Season Three

1. "Super Watermelon Island" (Part 1)

Using his astral projection ability, Steven discovers that Malachite is terrorizing Steven's Watermelon army on Mask Island. With Steven and Peridot staying behind, Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl head into action to help the Watermelon Stevens fight Malachite as Alexandrite.

2. "Gem Drill" (Part 2)

While the other Gems are stranded on Mask Island, the Cluster starts showing signs of forming, forcing Steven and Peridot to use the drill alone in order to stop the Cluster and save Earth.

3. "Same Old World"

Lapis Lazuli has nowhere left to go after being freed from her fusion with Jasper, so Steven shows her around Earth to find her a new home.

4. "Barn Mates"

Steven helps Lapis and Peridot resolve their past conflict.

5. "Hit the Diamond"

A dispatch team of five Rubies sent by Yellow Diamond descend onto the barn supposedly in search of Peridot. Steven attempts to get rid of the Rubies by challenging them to a game of baseball: if the Rubies win, they can search the barn, but if the Gems win, the Rubies must leave Earth and never come back.

6. "Steven Floats"

Steven discovers his ability to float. However, after jumping too high, he becomes stuck in the sky and has a series of misadventures with the Gems in their attempts to get him back on the ground.

7. "Drop Beat Dad"

Marty returns to Beach City and aids his biological son Sour Cream in hosting a concert, much to the dismay of his stepdad, Yellowtail.

8. "Mr. Greg"

In this special musical episode, Steven visits Empire City with Greg and Pearl after Greg suddenly becomes extremely rich. However, Pearl is having trouble letting go of her past experiences with Greg.

9. "Too Short to Ride"

Steven, Amethyst and Peridot visit Funland for the day. However, when using Gem powers seems to be the only way they can have fun, Steven and Amethyst help Peridot discover her own Gem powers.

10. "The New Lars"

Steven uses his astral projection ability and accidentally ends up in Lars' body. Steven then attempts to improve Lars' life.