Season 3 Episodes 11 - 19

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11. "Beach City Drift"

When Steven and Connie run into Kevin again, they fuse into Stevonnie to beat him in a car race in order to get revenge for his actions at the rave.

12. "Restaurant Wars"

When Steven accidentally re-ignites an old feud between restaurant owners Mr. Fryman and Kofi Pizza, it is up to himself, along with the restaurant owners' children, to try and stop the feud.

13. "Kiki's Pizza Delivery Service"

Kiki has been having nightmares due to being overworked at Fish Stew Pizza, so Steven helps by using his astral projection to go into Kiki's nightmares.

14. "Monster Reunion"

When Steven's healing powers suddenly return, he uses them to attempt to heal the Centipeetle. However, Gem corruption is a bit more complicated than Steven thought.

15. "Alone at Sea"

Steven, Greg and Lapis Lazuli go on a boat ride to help Lapis have some fun. However, it becomes apparent that they are being followed.

16. "Greg the Babysitter"

Greg tells Steven the story of the time he and Rose babysat Sour Cream for Vidalia.

17. "Gem Hunt"

Connie goes on her first mission with Steven and Pearl to the Great North to find a corrupted Gem monster.

18. "Crack the Whip"

Garnet and Pearl return to the Great North to look for Jasper, whilst Amethyst is in charge of Steven and Connie. The two continue their training, learn some battle techniques from Amethyst, and try to have a day of fun around Beach City.

19. "Steven vs. Amethyst"

Following the events of the previous episode, Amethyst's self-esteem has hit rock bottom. With Steven's rising power, Amethyst begins to suspect that she is now the weakest Gem on the team, so she and Steven agree to duel.