Season 4 Episodes 1 - 10

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Season Four

1. "Kindergarten Kid"

Steven and Peridot attempt to catch an elusive corrupted Gem monster at the Beta Kindergarten.

2. "Know Your Fusion"

When Pearl and Garnet find out that Steven and Amethyst can fuse into Smoky Quartz, they fuse into Sardonyx to interview Smoky and see their skills.

3. "Buddy's Book"

When Steven and Connie visit the Public Library, Steven discovers an ancient journal by William Dewey's first mate Buddy, which chronicles his visits to various Gem locations.

4. "Mindful Education"

Steven and Connie continue their combat training, and practice fighting while fused. However, when overwhelming guilt from both Steven and Connie over past events gets in their way, Garnet helps them find inner peace.

5. "Future Boy Zoltron"

After accidentally breaking an old fortune telling machine at Funland, Steven decides to take its place and tell people's futures. While initially fun, he eventually meets a mysterious man who seems to only have depressing futures.

6. "Last One Out of Beach City"

Pearl offers to go with Steven and Amethyst to a rock show. While the two are initially skeptical of her, she decides to show them her "bad" side throughout the night whilst trying to impress a woman who looks similar to Rose.

7. "Onion Gang"

Onion brings Steven into the woods to introduce him to his friends and have a fun day.

8. / 9. "Gem Harvest"

When Steven visits Lapis and Peridot at the barn, they get an unexpected visit from Greg's cousin Andy (Dave Willis). To get to know his uncle and make him feel at home, Steven attempts to host a family dinner with Andy, Greg, and the Gems.

10. "Three Gems and a Baby"

Greg tells Steven about his first winter as a baby: when Steven was only a few months old, the Gems were still struggling with learning to understand that Rose Quartz had given up her form to allow Steven to be born and wasn't coming back.