Season 4 episodes 11 - 20

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11. "Steven's Dream"

Steven begins to have a strange dream that causes him to cry, which he quickly realizes is related to Pink Diamond. When he asks the gems to give him information about Pink Diamond, however, they refuse to give any, so Steven and Greg travel to Korea to find the truth themselves.

12. "Adventures in Light Distortion"

After Greg is abducted by Blue Diamond, Steven and the Gems rush off into space with the Rubies' ship to rescue him. Faster-than-light travel has unexpected effects on the Gems' bodies, and in Steven's haste, he puts himself and the Gems in danger.

13. "Gem Heist"

The Gems reach a space station that once belonged to Pink Diamond, and sneak in to rescue Greg, but in order to do so, they must play the roles they were made for, so as not to arouse suspicion.

14. "The Zoo"

Steven finds Greg in Pink Diamond's "Human Zoo", and tries to look for a way out. This proves easier said than done as the humans there are guided through a strictly scheduled and regimented life.

15. "That Will Be All"

While Blue Diamond and Yellow Diamond argue over their diverging ways of coping with Pink Diamond's death, Steven, Greg, and the Crystal Gems attempt to escape the space station before they are discovered.

16. "The New Crystal Gems"

Connie tells Steven the story of how she, Peridot, and Lapis attempted to take the Crystal Gems' places as the protectors of Beach City while he was in space.

17. "Storm In The Room"

Steven uses his room in the temple to create a simulated image of Rose Quartz in order to try to experience what it would be like to know his mother. He ends up confronting her with his troubled feelings about her complex legacy and her choice to create him.

18. "Rocknaldo"

Ronaldo decides to join the Crystal Gems. However, once Steven lets him join the team, Ronaldo's self-centered attitude begins to try Steven's patience.

19. "Tiger Philanthropist"

When Amethyst quits wrestling at the abandoned warehouse, Steven continues doing so himself as Tiger Philanthropist. However, Steven soon begins to doubt the point of wrestling when the audience doesn't take to his new persona.

20. "Room for Ruby"

"Navy", one of the Rubies who came to Earth to find Jasper, crashes on Earth and is welcomed in by Steven to be a Crystal Gem. However, Lapis Lazuli does not trust Navy's overly optimistic nature, knowing of her previous encounters with her.